Everything on Trend

Well hellloooo there!

First of all, thanks for coming to my site when there seems to be A BAJILLION lifestyle blogs out there.

We live in a society where we follow trends. Fashion. Health. Beauty. Glam. The list goes on… & on & on. BUT, one thing I sincerely feel passionate about is balancing all of the above: the good, the bad, annnnd the ugly. I like to get down and dirty in the gym, munch on healthy snacks, but let’s not forget to mention my hoarding of trendy clothes and love for everythaaaang carbs!

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves in these trendy times to be a certain thing, look a certain way, act accordingly, but what I say is screw all of that and be tha trend YOU wanna be! Wear T-shirts & dresses, eat salads AND donuts (1:2 ratio for sure), run & take a lazy day watching Netflix (yes, I’m still watching), LET’S BALANCE PEOPLE!

Here’s to this adventure!


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