Everyday I’m spinnin’

Hey Hey!


Sooooo Let’s be real. If you know me (and most of you probably do) you know my fav workout obsession right now is SPIN SPIN SPIN! There’s just something about clipping into that bike, grabbing those weights, and taking off! Whether you’re a newb or a spin pro, it’s a workout you can adjust to yourself! New? Take it easy on the resistance. Pro? TURN THAT ISH UP. I meaaan… what’s better than dancing on a bike.. in the dark.. with party lights? NOTHIN’.

The great thing about spin is that while it’s a bomb cardio push, it’s also a kicka$$ strength training workout! When you crank that resistance up, you’re working your quads, hammies, glutes, calves (hello beautiful buns)… not to mention all those tap backs, presses, and crunches are working your glutes, arms, and abs! A.K.A. dope bod coming your way.

Before you head to your next spin class (book those bikes Zyn22 Fort Worth), here are my top 3 ways to look like a pro even if it’s your first time eva eva:

  1. DON’T show up one minute before class time. To be a pro you must know it takes longer than 5 seconds to put your shoes on, grab those weights, adjust your bike, and get ready for tha PARTAY! Show up with a little time to spare.
  2. Learn how to adjust your own bike! Whether it’s asking someone to show you, or figuring it out yourself.. No one wants to be the girl or guy (yes guys spin too) that needs help setting up their bike every. single. time.
  3. Go in ready to have fun! Be silly. Dance on the dang bike. Give a smile. The instructor will love you so much more if you show that rad personality of yours!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to look the part >>>> shop LULULEMON FORT WORTH!



image2 (1).JPG

image1 (1).JPG


Top: lululemon athletica Gear Up Bra $58

Bottoms: lululemon athletica Hot Like Agni Pant $118 worth the price;)

Let me know your fav workout obsessions!!!

Lots of Lurrrrv,


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