Rest & Rejuvenate

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Hi hi!

Soooo let’s talk rest. It’s so easy to get so wrapped up in our lives that it’s GO GO GO allll the dang time. If you’re like me- you tend to people please and that takes a hellavuh lot out of you (can i get an AMEN). We don’t take time for ourselves. We are constantly doing things for other people, for work, or just cause we flat feel obligated to. Yes, we’re talking to you bosses and co-workers. (not mine, in case you’re reading- love ya lots xoxo)

I found myself feeling all over the place this week. There are a million things I need to do, yet I can’t focus on one of them at a time to get anything done! (shout out ADD, you da real MVP). So, naturally I took it upon myself to take a day to de-stress, to try something new- YOGA at Soul Space Fort Worth. namaSLAY. I’m not usually a yogi, nor do I really know anything about yoga (downward dog where u at), but holy moly talk about getting your mind right! An hour and 15 minutes of deep breathing and meditation, combined with strength in postures and rest made for the stress relief you and I all need! Definitely check them out if you’re feelin’ like unleashing your inner yogi. (convinced we all have 1)

I also got a lil help not lookin’ like a newb from Spiritual Gangster 😉 you’re the actual MVP. Shop dis yoga bra and all their goods here>>> $48


We are not Superhuman’s. We can’t be everything and do everything without having some sort of consequence. Sometimes we need to take a breather, unplug from the world, not reply to those emails until tomorrow… take a little time for ourselves and clear our ever so crowded minds! So go to that cute lil coffee shop, order a latte (coconut milk extra shot thx!), grab a book, or try a yoga class and flat out CHILL FOR A SEC. Remember who created you. Think about all the great things you have going in your life (and if you don’t, know that great things are coming!) Sit and be present. Think about all of the beautiful things around you everyday. Trust me, you will start to appreciate everything so much more.

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Some ideas to unwind and clear dat mind:

  1. TRY YOGA- (srsly, active rest is tha best rest!)
  2. Go on a walk, W/O technology- talking to you techies.
  3. Grab your favorite book!
  4. Have a sesh with your BFF (cause honestly, what’s better?)
  5. Lastly but DEF not least, spend some quiet time with our Creator- read his book. And watch all your anxieties melt away.

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Lastly, don’t take life too seriously! Be your silly self & OWN dat ish! (pictured above)

What do you do that rests your soul?! Inbox me!!


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