How to master “Cool Girl” Style

Hi hi hiiii!

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Is “Ima cool girl. Ima Ima cooool girrllll.” playing in your head? Yeah me too. I know what you’re thinking. “Cool girl style just isn’t for me.” and well… YOU’RE WRONG. Let me tell youuuu… I am not cool. (spoiler alert) I’m actually probably the furthest thing from it. BUT, thanks to clothes, I can at least (sometimes) look like it! The key is knowing how to pull it off and that’s what this non-cool girl is here to explain to ya!

Probably the most important thing to remember is that the look is supposed to look laid back like you didn’t even try to look as good as you do 😉 So, no hair curling, hairspray, eye shadow, or lipstick. Sry not sry. Cool girls don’t do that. Also, use minimal accessories. Wearing lots of rings? Then leave out the big chunky necklace and earrings! Listed below are the top 6 ESSENTIALS to pull off your “COOL GIRL” (using term loosely) look!

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  1. Let your hair go au natural & add a hat! Nothing says cool girl like tousled hair and a fedora am i right?! Try mine from Brixton– $52.. and if ya wanna get SUPER crazy- get a colored one!
  2. Grab an easy neutral button up! Like the one I have from Madewell– $69.50. Or try this Chambray one! ($75) So easy and you can pair it with so many different bottoms!
  4. Throw on a pair of booties! They don’t even have to be expensive to pull off dat look. Mine are from Target! Only $37.99! das cheap.
  5.  Wear minimal makeup! You know what they say- “less is more”, which is actually true in this case. Apply some powder, cheeks, and mascara for an effortless look and get ready to take on your day as an official COOL*** CHICK.
  6. Lastly, grab a rad bff like this one –@HAILSWHITE ily forever– and hit. tha. streets.!!!

**Dance party recommended**

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image1 (1) copy 2.JPG



Get to stylin’!!! Message me your fav laid back looks 🙂

-Han & Hails

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