I feel like I have to say HO HEY! So HO HEEEEEYYY!

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So if you didn’t already know, the Lumineers are AMAZING and I GOT TO WATCH THEIR MAGIC LAST NIGHT in Dallas. Their new album also has a song for basically every type of listener. Go through a break up recently? There’s a song for you. Fall in love? There’s a song for you. Feeling homesick? There’s a song for ya. Lose someone? There’s a song for you too. Go through all four recently? (I feel you girl keep dat head up).. I think you get the picture sooooo I’ll stop. BUT there’s just something about their style that’s so effortless…If you didn’t have feels comin’ in… you’ll def have them coming out! (No cold hearts up in here)


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Honestly, ZERO shame in the amount of feels I had. I mean how can you not with lyrics like theirs. Even limited myself to one (huge) glass of wine cus let’s be real, anything more than that would’ve been a sob fest. (nobody needs to see dat) What I’m basically saying is I ‘preciate you Wesley, Jeremiah, and Neyla. BUT, I do have three fav songs from their new album that you neeeeeed to listen to.

  1. “Gale Song”
  2. “Long Way From Home”
  3. “Sleep On The Floor”

And, of course, you can’t forget about KALEO either… (marry me JJ Julius Son.. ily) Honestly any song he sings is heavenly…. BUT these are my favs:

  1. “All The Pretty Girls”
  2. “Save Yourself”
  3. “I Can’t Go On Without You”

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**Disclaimer: term “one glass of wine” used loosely**

And, of course, I had to look concert ready and keep up with their style. Sooooo a laid back graphic T, black denim skirt, belt, and hat seemed like a pretty good idea. Ya feel me? Shop the links below!! >>>

Top: LifeClothingCompany (literally THE best graphic Tees) $32

Belt: Urban Outfitters $29

Skirt: Urban Outfitters $69

Hat: [same hat different day;)] Brixton $52

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