Athleisure, Baby!


One of my absolute favorite things is when I can wear athletic wear.. all day… ERRDAY. Can I get an amen? Not only is it comfy, but you can style it so many ways and for so many different occasions! Going to workout? Wear that mid drift showin’ two piece set, girl! Going to meet a friend for coffee? Add a pull over and a pair of vans! Basically what I’m tryna says is activewear is LYFE.

There’s a ton of brands out there now, but it’s hard finding one that doesn’t stretch out after washing & drying, keeps it’s color, doesn’t pick, and hugs those curves as tight as the day you tried them on! That’s why I’m here today- to tell ya my fav brands & styles and where you can find them!! HALLELUJAH.

First, GLYDER is seriously one of my absolute favorite brands. I have been wearing the same leggings from a year ago & let me tell ya… they’ve definitely been through a lot of sweaty spin sessions and coffee dates. AND what’s better than an all white ERRYTHANG set for Spring?! **I promise it’s not see-through, trust me, it was a concern of mine too** Hop into Zyn22 Fort Worth to get this set & check out other deals they have going on in store (HELLLLOO 50% off rack)!!!

image1 (1) copy 10.JPG

Not brave enough for all white? Think again.

image2 (1) copy 7.JPG

Zyn logo for tha win & I LOVE CROSSED BACKS//

image3 copy 6.JPG

REZELOOT is a relatively new brand that I found and IT’S SO COMFY. It’s seriously so soft. The material is a little nicer than your typical yoga or workout pant, which makes it even easier to go from workout to day! Just throw on a cozy sweater or slouchy top and get on with yo day! And how can you not love olive green and mesh?! AND it’s also at Zyn22 Fort Worth in stores so get it while it’s thur! 

image4 copy 2.JPG

image6 copy.JPG

Do I always wear something around my waist? Pretty much.

image5 copy.JPG

What do yall think about the looks?! Message me:)


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