Winin’ & Stylin’

Hey Hey!

Soooo I dunno about yall… but stress levels seem to be runnin’ all full blast right now. (help) Spring Break is over, it’s time to get back into the swing of things, graduate [again] in less than two months, find a job, and ya know… start adulting… whatever that means. Wouldn’t it be great if life would just figure itself out for us? HELP A SISTA OUT.

Okay fine, don’t.

I took it into my own hands and took a break… away from all the to-do lists, meetings, appointments, job searches, etc…. & etc. etc. etc. It called for a girls trip. Fredericksburg, TX, WHERE YOU AT?! There’s over 45 wineries and you best believe I be hittin’ every. single. one. of. them. Fredericksburg is a foodie and wino’s best friend. Seriously. They even let us stroll the streets and shop with our wine in hand. PRAISE HANDS.

If you get ta go, make sure you go to Grape Creek Vineyards! The tour was amazing. Barrel tour, golf cart ride through the vineyard, & a tasting of 6 wines! CHECK EM OUT.

Of course, I wanted to at least attempt to look hill-country, wine-sippin’ ready. I went with an easy wrap dress, booties, and fedora, cuz.. how can you go wrong with that?! And, let’s face it, even March in Texas can feel like Summer… so a simple wrap dress is a hard YAS. Lemme know watchu think>>>> & THIS DRESS IS ON SALE RN!!

image3 copy 7.JPG

Dress: The Loft $89.50 & 30-40% OFF RIGHT NOW!

image1 (1) copy 11.JPG

image2 (1) copy 8.JPG

**Disclaimer… not condoning playing in streets**

image4 (1).JPG

Also, taking a step back sometimes and a weekend to relax should be a priority! BUT, if you’re a huge stresser & worrier like me, let me tell ya… worrying isn’t gunna change what your future holds. That’s not in our hands, but HIS. So, relax, have a glass of wine, and know that every little ‘ting is gunna be alriiiiiight:)



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